Welcome to Heidi Misrahy Training Stables!

Heidi Misrahy Training Stables was established in 1993.

We have a simple philosophy here – work hard, get better. Whether you are a competitor on the circuit at the “A” shows or a pleasure rider simply looking to improve your riding skills we believe that a strong lesson program and hands on management will produce the very best results. Our program is structured to help you achieve your riding goals while constantly improving and educating our students with vital parts of riding education.

We are proud to have countless horses and riders win numerous year-end awards and championships – from the junior to the amateur rider. Just take a look at our Show Results & Accomplishments page!

We also believe in having fun, keeping things fresh and exciting for our horses and riders. We strive to make learning fun while constantly improving your riding skills.

Heidi Misrahy Training Stables is currently accepting new riders of all levels. Please contact us for more information.

2018 Upcoming Shows & Events

Tentative 2018 Show Schedule

Jan. 19-21  Verdugo Hills
Jan. 23-28  Desert Circuit II  Thermal
Jan. 20- Feb. 4  Desert Circuit III
Feb. 6-11  Desert Circuit IV
Feb. 16-18  Gold Coast  LAEC
Feb. 27-March 3  Desert Circuit  VI
March 6-11  Desert Circuit VII
March 13-18  Desert Circuit VIII
March 16-18  Verdugo Hills Fling
March 21-25  Blenheim Spring Classic 
March 31  IEL
April 6-8  Gold Coast
April 11-15  Blenheim Spring Classic
April 13-14  Verdugo Hills April
April 26-29  Flintridge Annual Show
May 11-13  Camelot Spring Festival 
May 18-20  Verdugo Hills May
May 24-27  Memorial Day Classic  
May 31-June 3  Showpark Jamboree
June 9-10  Camelot
June 13-17  Blenheim June Classic
June 20-24  Blenheim June Classic 
June 20-24  Woodside Circuit Opener
June 27-July 1  Blenheim Red White and Blue 
June 27-July 1  Bay Area Summer Festival  
July 12-15  Santa Barbara National
July 20-22  Gold Coast July
July 25-29  Showpark Racing Festival
Aug. 3-5  Camelot Summer Festival  
August 15-19  Blenheim Summer Classic
August 22-26  Showpark Summer Classic
August 31-Sept. 2  Gold Coast Labor Day
Sept. 7-9  Portuguese Bend
Sept. 12-16  Blenheim Fall Tournament
Sept. 19-23  Blenheim Int'l Jumping Festival
Sept. 26-20  FRC Autumn Classic
Oct. 6-7  Foxfield Jumping Derby
Oct. 10-14  Camelot Santa Barbara
Oct. 10-14  Pennsylvania National 
Oct. 19-21 Gold Coast October
Oct. 31-Nov. 4  National Sunshine I  Thermal
Nov. 7-11  National Sunshine II
Nov. 13-18  Las Vegas National
Nov 15-18  LA Season Finale
Nov.  23-25  Autumn Jubilee  LAEC